Why my hot water pressure is low ?

What is Low Hot Water Pressure ?

Hard-water plug in the pipes can obstruct water flow into and out of the hot water heater that’s resulting in low pressure. If the shut-off valve paramount to the water heater is partially closed then the water pressure from the unit drops. Too-small water dispersion lines and too much sharp bends between the hot water heater and faucets annoy the problem.

When the upcoming water pressure into the home is low as below 40 gallons per minute this will also affects the pressure of the hot water but we should observe this same result from cold-water faucets as well. Sometime the pressure will slowly decrease after a period of time, especially if your home has been plumbed with galvanized pipe.

Causes of low hot water pressure:

The causes of low hot water pressure can fluctuate and the low water pressure may be specific to one part of your home or you may have low hot water pressure all over your home. Did it happen immediately or has it been a long-term problem? Various factors can affect, however, here are some basic causes:

1. Clogged Plumbing

Cause of low hot water pressure could be a clog anywhere in your plumbing system. In order to check that the cause of your low water pressure is a clogged pipe, you’ll need to call in a professional Plumber. Using video drain inspection technology, a licensed plumber can assist you to assess the situation and fix the right solution.

Clogged plumbing fixtures can also disturb water pressure. Rust and limestone plug on shower heads and faucets can obstruct with water flow as well as reduce water quality. If only one or two fixtures are undergoing low water pressure, this buildup is likely to blame. Check the affected fixtures to make sure openings are clean and clear of any barrier. If you find a clogged faucet or shower head, clean it out or exchange it with a newer model.

2. Partially closed valve:

The most harmless cause of low hot water pressure is simply that the valve is responsible for controlling the flow of water could have become relatively closed. If your home is only pretended by low hot water as opposed to both low cold and hot water you can say that your water heater’s valve is the cause.

3. Corroded Pipes:

If you live in an older home, low water pressure can also be a result of corrosion and scale plug in old steel pipes blocking water flow in your home’s plumbing system over time. This problem may develops slowly over the years, you may not notice any significant difference in water pressure until the corrosion becomes extreme issue. Corroded pipes are the main cause of low water pressure and unfortunately this is the most expensive issue to secure because the only real solution is to exchange your old plumbing system with new copper or plastic pipes.

4: Water Meter Valve

The water meter valve is present next to the water meter on the main water supply pipe at your home. This is mostly located on an exterior wall of the house, in an underground box near your front curb, or in your basement.

Low water pressure is may be due to the water meter valve which is not fully open. It’s possible that when the water was turned back on home renovations, the water meter valve was left relatively closed, resulting in lower water pressure. We can say that the water meter valve is fully open when the handle is correspondence with the pipe.

5: Main Shutoff Valve

Your home’s main shutoff valve can be found inside your home where the main water supply line connects to your internal plumbing system mostly in a utility closet or in the basement. Like the water meter valve, the main shutoff valve can sometimes be left partially closed after plumbing work has been done.

There are two types of main shutoff valves which may be present in your home: a ball valve and 2nd is a gate valve. A ball valve has a lever, which must be parallel to the pipe to assure that valve is fully open. A gate valve has a wheel handle, which must be turned all the way to the left in a counterclockwise direction for the valve to open entirely.

6. Pressure Regulator Malfunction

One last possible cause of low water pressure is a faulty pressure regulator, which reduces input pressure in your plumbing system to prevent destruction of your pipes. A failing pressure regulator will result in expressive spikes in water pressure.

How can fix Low Hot Water Pressure ?

General Low water pressure: It is possible for the perfect house to experience a acute drop in lower pressure. In such cases, both the cold and hot water supplies flow cautiously. The adjustment is usually from the main water supply centering your home.

Wrong sizes of water supply lines: In some cases where the size of the water supply lines is considerably smaller than that of the main water supply or vice versa. The water pressure will decrease because water will tend to flow from the large pipe into a smaller pipe.

Partially closed shutoff valve of the direct water supply: If both the hot and cold water supply lines will experience lowers in water pressure when the water main supply line is not 100% opened.

Faulty or wrong configuration of the pressure regulator: If your home has a pressure regulator and it is not set correctly to the optimum level then there won’t be enough water pressure all through your home. On the other hand, a damaged or old regulator can be the cause why you have low hot water pressure.