Water is essential need for all living organisms to stay alive. water is naturally exists on the earth and also could be found underground. it has covered 70% of earth. 22% of water is exists in nature in shape of ice and glaciers. but only 3% volume of it can be use for drinking, irrigation and other human purposes. most of this water is ocean water. water is known as universal solvent. that’s why water is considered a renewable resources.

Water is a basic need and many peoples around don’t have access to the water, or quality of water they are using is extremely dangerous for health. millions die each year because of polluted water. billions of people don’t have access to standard pure water of drinking. it is expected that over 3 billion people in the world will face water shortage due to water pollution.

Is Water a Renewable Resource ?

is water renewable, it is important to know what is renewable. a renewable resource is said to be a natural resource that cannot end up in depletion since it can be replenish after our usage. replenish process can happen either biological or naturally. duration or how long it take to the source to replenish itself is an important matter to determine its potentials as a renewable material.

As we mentions that water covers 70% of earth, which can be found not only in ground surface, lakes, rivers and ocean but it also exist underground. is this makes water a renewable resource ? yes water is a renewable resource.

Depletion of Renewable Resources

it is important to know the fact that why water is being a renewable resource get exhausted. depletion of groundwater happens due to various things including sustained groundwater pumping, is the main issue with groundwater. in a result it can reduce water in lakes, rivers, streams and wells. many areas throughout the world are experiencing groundwater depletion.

One common question has everyone in mind, what is water ? and how water is formed and from where it come? water is an abundant resource which cannot (always) be replenished. water is exist in the universe in a large amount since origins of the nature. it falls from sky in the shape of rain on ground, mountains, rivers, lakes and ocean.

Here are Reasons why water is a renewable Resource

  1. Water Cycle: it could be argued that water is a renewable resource on account of the processes of water cycle. when it rains water bodies get replenished is one valid reason that why water is considered a renewable resources. rains falls from the sky in shape of liquid, it is considered the water vapor of atmosphere. then water once again starts cycle as it evaporates from earth to atmosphere. water can holds himself in atmosphere for 9 days. in the river water can stay up to 6 months and for hundreds of years it can stay in lakes and ocean. this complete cycle make water a renewable resource, it leaves the earth and enter it again.
  2. Conservation: conservation is a method of renewing or replenishing our resource. conservation efforts can help replenish the water reservoirs when a drought occurs. because water has rain cycle and it continues and energized by heat of sun, water will continue to be distributed throughout the planet and will replenish.
  3. Waste water: another fine example of water renewable waste water in many countries are treated now a days and use it for agriculture purpose united states, canada and gulf countries are do treatment of waste water and makes it renewable. billions of gallon water daily we use in kitchen, bath and industries which route to these waste water plants and in different process it makes it renewable. waste of these water later could be use as energy or dump it in a safe place, away from population.
  4. Sustainability: reuse of water is sustainability, is yet again a reason that why water is consider a renewable resource it helps us less depend on other resources of water.
  5. Water Evaporation: water start evaporates in shape of vapors when it heated. these vapors later replenish into ground. so its become a renewable resource. many water resources like rivers, lakes and ocean are go through these process and later replenish.
  6. Hydropower: water has been using as energy in hydropower to generate electricity since more than 100 years. these flow water could be replenish and restore, since this water goes through water wheels and turbine and there is no involvement of oil and other materials. thus hydropower water is also renewable and could be transfer to areas which has not proper sources of water like rivers and streams, through pipe lines or tankers, can be use for bath and washing dishes.
  7. Condensation: condensation is the process by which water vapors in the air change into liquid water. condensation is crucial for water cycle because it is responsible for the formation of clouds. these clouds may produce precipitation, which is the primary route for water to return to the ground surface because of water cycle. it makes water resource a renewable resource. condensation is the opposite of evaporation. it causes temperature changes that then make water molecules to separate and again form large droplets.