What is Water Hardness ?

The measure of capability of water to precipitate soap e.g the ability of the water to form lather with soap. Hard water holds dissolved minerals such as Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Fe3+ etc. Hard water has elevated mineral content, Calcium is the most common mineral related with water hardness.

Water contains with calcium, magnesium, iron and many minerals which is naturally exist in water. which turns into scale in pipe lines, tubes(seamless pipe), kettles and has poor result of lathering soaps. more hardness can produce more scale and can cost huge loss in industries and in home appliances. water hardness is two type.

a)Temporary Hardness: in temporary hardness presence of dissolved bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonates which can be removed after boiling easily.

b)Permanent Hardness: Permanent hardness in water couldn’t be remove through giving temperature to it because it contains calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride. which can remove through softening plant or ion exchange.

Why Does This Happen?

Hard water holds minerals like calcium and magnesium, which prevent soap from generating suds and also maintain it from cleaning efficiently That’s because the soap is binding with the dissolved minerals, forming the cloudy liquid and leaving at the back remains on your shower, dishware, hair, skin, and clothing.

Detergent is prepared with additives that will make lather in hard water, which is why we told you not to utilize that kind of product for this test. However, the harder your water will need more soap and detergent to obtain suds.

To avoid loss decrease your hot water temperature upto 60 °C or below to reduce scale build up, stainless steel can produce more resistance against scale and installation of water softener can help to control building of scale. Hardness in water is two type

Is Hard water harmful for Drinking ?

For drinking point of view a little amount of hardness in water is healthy because it has calcium and iron which helps in growth. hardness of water is measured in numbers usually mineral water companies keep it from 4-8. Hardness increases in waters when it percolates through limestone, Gypsum and chalk which contains calcium and magnesium carbonates, sulfates and bicarbonates.

Water from rocks and mountains has more hardness than a drill bore of open area where the earth inside has least rocks. in such case of hardness contains of hardness has benefits, but in industries it is properly treated called water treatment because hardness in water produces scale in boilers, cooling towers and steam engines. before using it in industries, with different process it converts into soft water with the help of softening plants.

There are many ways to treat hard water to turn it into soft water, cheapest way is sand blaster tank where water proceed through the filters and typical sand stones with the help of feed pumps. there are many chemicals also available which can prevent hardness from water which costly but ensures the results.

Soft Water and its Properties

with low amount of Magnesium, Calcium and ion is called soft water. it is called soft water due to its simple composition. soft water produces low scale because of it simple structure.

Usually its found in Northern areas of UK. consumption of soft water manage high cost of expenses in industries and even in homes to avoid scale in machines and low consumption of soap with high results of washing clothes and dishes pots.

How to Check Water Hardness?

Here are 7 simple ways to test hardness of water.

1)Hard Water Test at Home: The Soap Method:

Take a clear transparent bottle, liquid soap, and water. Fill the water bottle with around about 360 ml of tap water. After that insert ten drops of liquid soap in bottle. Now turn off the cap on the bottle, after which you have to quake it vigorously. Make sure that the soap is mixed with the water absolutely.

Permit the water to resolve for the next five minutes. Now it’s moment to check out the consequences. If your bottle has a good amount of lathers at the top, and the water underneath the bubbles grow to be good and clear, then you likely have soft water.

However, if you don’t get many lather after trembling, and your water appear cloudy, that is a good sign that you have hard water. You can continue adding more soap to carry on this test. The more soap you need to make bubbles, the harder your water is, and the additional soap you’re wasting to clean your house and laundry!

This technique will only provide you an suggestion of whether the water you are using is hard or soft. You won’t be able to conclude the degree of hardness of the water.

2)By Referring to Municipal Numbers:

Mainly municipalities release an annual report detailing their own hard water test results. Results from your city will provide you a patent idea of what to imagine as far as water hardness in your home.

You’ll still desire to know how to test for water hardness in your home exclusively, but local numbers will give you a high-quality baseline understanding.

3)By Using Water Hardness Test Strips:

The water hardness test strip is an additional ordinary method to ensure whatever you are using hard water or soft water. You can acquire the water hardness test strip simply from any online store. The best strip you can use the Hach Total Hardness Test Strip. The most excellent thing regarding this water hardness test strip is that it has special hues between two different colors, which assist you in determining the accurate level of hardness. Also, it is not much responsive to lighting situation and is neither water-soluble, and this construct it is a trust-worthy product.

The procedure is to dip the water hardness test strip and verify the color change in it. The guide that you will find along with the water hardness strip will illustrate you to know the intensity of hardness of the water.

4)To Conduct a Visual Check:

Another method to test water hardness is to do a visual test out of anything your water comes into contact with. Make sure your sinks, bathtubs, utensils, plates, etc. Hard water makes an immediately recognizable crusty scale, mainly on faucets and on dishes.

Well preserved water softeners will improve this crusty scale, along with the other negative indication of hard water.

5)By using Hard Water Kit:

If you’re speculate how to determine water hardness accurately, however, the best method is to use a kit. Which can be acquired inexpensively at most home development stores.

Whereas exact testing techniques vary from kit to kit, normally you’ll need to run water over the device. It will return a reading that updated you of the mineral concentration in your water.

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  • How to Interpret a Hard Water Test

The standard unit used for measurement for water hardness is grains per gallon (gpg). Troubles start to arise at concentrations of 3 gpg. Generally water hardness vary between 12 and 17 gpg. If it will be above 15 gpg is considered as rigorous hard water, whereas anything above 11 is very hard and will generate all symptoms of hardness, including:

  • dry skin
  • persistent scale buildup
  • reduced energy effectiveness

Numerous kits that test water hardness also test for further types of build up in your water, including chlorine so it’s a good thing to do even if you experience you have a solid perceptive of your water’s hardness.

6)By Sending Your Water to a Lab:

Numerous cities have water testing services that know how to measure water hardness with a high degree of accurateness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has a great reserves for getting in contact with your confined health department. They should be capable to suggest a local testing facility that will look at samples from folks.

7)Get the Professionals to Come to You:

Local water softener installers are frequently feel happy to stop by your home and check for water hardness. That’s surely the case for our Home Water and Air. In addition to installing HVAC and water systems (including water softeners), they has no-obligation on testing and to assist home owners.