What is Hard Water Stains ?

How to Remove Hard Water stains from water is a common question in today’s life. hard water has high amount of calcium and magnesium ions. hard was stains can describes in many names like minerals scales, lime scale and hard water deposits.

hard water forms when when hard water leaves or evaporates grimy residue on surface. and leaves behind minerals like calcium and magnesium and put effects on crusty stuff its hard to get rid of this. usually hard water stains could be found in bathroom’s glasses, metals, faucets, porcelain and tiles surface. hard water stains also could find on clothes and dishes. these hard water stains are tough to remove. and even took time to remove with bleach, chemicals or other cleaning products.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains ?

It is hard to keep away your tubs, basins and showers from stains. and took lot of time, energy and spends more detergents and soaps to remove these stains. in different regions different detergent are famous like harpic, clorex and vinegar these all are alternates to each other.

  • Baking soda and vinegar are two most trusted products which can be use to clean hard water stains.
  • Put atleast one cup of vinegar to effected place like tub, basin and toilet and leave it for upto 2 minutes, don’t forget to bowl and swish it around the whole place. if the you are cleaning toilet it must be flushed before using detergents.
  • then put same quantity of soda to effected place. yet again use upto two cups of vinegar in the dedicated place and leave it upto 12 to 15 minutes .
  • Don’t forget to swish the sum of both vinegar and soda with toilet brush, don’t flush it and leave it about 30-40 minutes.
  • After a break of 30-40 minutes leave water on solvents and brush it hard remember each place where are stains should brush hard to make sure removal of all stains.
  • A paste of vinegar and soda is also available in stores for removing stains which can be paste on desire place.
  • For more results rinse it lemon juice, put lemon juice on all desire place and leave it for 15-20 minutes then rinse it.
  • Borax can also be use for this purpose with vinegar for removing hard water stains as an alternate of soda.